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Besides Kdramas and some Kpop, I've been introduced to an amazing Korean singer named Sohyang.

Amazing voice. I watch vocal coach reactions to music videos sometimes and they all go nuts when they hear her.

Classy song you'd hear at a piano bar. Pure pure vocals.

infuckingcredible song. Slow builder, give it until 2 minutes in.

An example of a voice/vocal coach losing it while/after listening to the previous song. It's great when a vocal coach hears her sing for the first time. They are appreciative of her voice and then she switches to a whole other level. About 5 minutes in he starts getting so excited about pointing out her various vocal techniques : ) He's in tears at the end.

Another singer from the Philippines I like is Morissett Amon. Outsanding voice control.

Back to Sohyang. Here's a Whitney Houston song. I bookmarked about 2 minutes in if you want to compare her to the original singer.
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