Steam In-House Streaming

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Steam In-House Streaming

Post by Animalor »

I learned that steam could do this yesterday and gave it a shot using my Surface Pro 1 as the endpoint with the Xbox One Controller.

The streaming bit worked really well for the most part. I played Bioshock Infinite, Back to the Future The Game and some Injustice: Gods Among Us.

For all games, the controls streamed back to my main PC without a hitch. Was fast and seamless.

For Bioshock Infinite, things worked perfectly. Controls were responsive and there was very little perceptible lag. For Injustice and Back to the Future, the audio was crappy for some reason. Not sure if that could've been resolved by restarting Steam on either end.

I'll probably end up using this some more eventually and Valve will hopefully keep improving this (thx Steambox).

What I really need them to do is enable this over the internet next so I can play these games with my Surface away from home. That would be killer.
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