Halo 5

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Halo 5

Post by Funkmasterr »

So, I picked this up. I've already finished my lone wolf legendary play through.

The campaign is not the best of the Halo games, but it's still fun. The story is a bit disjointed and they focus a bit too much on Osiris chasing master chief/blue team and not enough on actually advancing the story - any of the boss fights in the game are also all against the same enemy, so a little more variety would've been nice. The part that really could use help though is your team's AI - it's fucking horrible. I feel like the game is balanced in such a way that they're expecting your team to help, but that's something they aren't typically doing. The last two missions on legendary were rage inducing, but I want the 1000 gamer score for this one so I put myself through it anyhow.

A lot of the weapons have been balanced and many of the variants of weapons (saw with explosive rounds, for example) that you get in Warzone are also available at some points in the campaign. Your dash, dash attack, ground pound, and ability to clamber up things helps make the game feel new without changing the controls too much. That being said; in the campaign your teammates don't seem to understand the vertical expansion, you can be on a ledge just above them and they won't jump up it to revive you.

Multiplayer works really well. The weapons seem most balanced, but could use a few minor tweaks (more damage for hyrda launcher, battle rifle, for example) - the maps seem balanced, the spawns work for the most part (although in swat mode they could use improving). Matchmaking always goes quick, the servers are really stable (haven't had myself or anyone I've been playing with dropped from a game yet).

The new warzone setup with the microtransaction stuff had me concerned, but it actually works pretty well. I'm able to save up for unlocks pretty quick, so at no point do I feel like I need to (or would have an advantage if) I bought them with real money.

The worst part about this game is the fucking Xbox UI. I can't stand using this shit.

I've been playing quite a bit, if anyone is playing this and wants to team up shoot me a message or whatever, we usually have room for a fourth.
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