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Way too much time!
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New Unreal Tournament -

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Finally, a new, fast, PC-only shooter. Oh, and it's 100% free. It's been a decade of broligarchial CoD / BF bullshit. It's about time we get back to the craziness of true twitch gaming.

Highlights from the reddit thread:
Head over to where Epic interacts with the community to discuss every tiny detail of the gameplay. Every number is being scrutinised in close cooperation with the community. It's amazing the access they're giving. I've never seen anything like it.
When the game is playable, it will be free. Not free to play, just free. We’ll eventually create a marketplace where developers, modders, artists and gamers can give away, buy and sell mods and content. Earnings from the marketplace will be split between the mod/content developer, and Epic. That’s how we plan to pay for the game. A lot of this is brand new for Epic, and we don’t yet have everything figured out. Things will probably definitely go wrong from time to time, and when they do, we’ll have to work through them together. There will be a lot of tough decisions to make, and not every feature will make it into the game. But if you’re a fan of Unreal Tournament, a UE4 developer, or a future modder – or if you just want to learn how we make games – we hope you’ll join us. It’s going to be fun.
The new Unreal Engine 4 is absolutely astounding and completely open source (ie users can submit code to make it better) for $20 a month!

As an indie I'm LOVING it, it contains features that I've wanted to see in games for years- Live reflections on everything, DX11 dynamic tessellation for INFINITE POLYGONS (that's right, as you get closer things get more detailed!), and the Fable game developers just added a mind blowing feature called "Dynamic Global Illumination" which means no more pre-made lighting, which means you can tear apart buildings and landscapes during the game and everything still looks gorgeous!!

EDIT: Also physically based materials combined with cheap libraries of scanned materials for super easy photorealism, real time "sub-surface scattering" for real looking humans, "blueprints" for quick gameplay iteration and coming from the Unity engine to such an open C++ code base is just, just- *faints.

TLDR: Is it weird if a game engine gives you a boner?
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