Looking for a good deed for today???

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Way too much time!
Way too much time!
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Looking for a good deed for today???

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I am trying everything I can to get the girls I coach noticed by colleges. We charge about 10% of what the top teams charge, so we need to raise money every way we can. We have a car wash on August 2nd, we sold chocolates. I even tried the Goodwill Fundraiser once. I found out about a site called Gofundme and thought I would give it a try. We set a goal of 1500, which is a longshot, but the more I get the more I can do. We are taking the girls to Pleasanton, CA this month, playing some of the top teams in the Western US. This is a college showcase, like the one we played, a won our group, in Phoenix in May. If you can spare $5 dollars, if you can tweet or instagram the link, whatever you can do is appreciated. These are deserving young ladies. They are talented, winning 10 of the 13 tournaments we played in. We just won a tournament playing three years up and we go into this next one playing 4 teams rated in the top 100 in the West (we are ranked 145). We may go 0-4, we may win, but the important part is we have a chance to get a few of these girls committed to college in the next several months.

Thanks for anything, (even reading my long-winded description here). Yes I am in the photo and yes it is easy to tell which one my daughter is (yes you can make fun of my picture, but please do not make fun of the girls - I don't think you would though) to clarify --- I am not low income, I donate my time, I buy all the soccer balls, medical equipment, water for every practice and game, I pay for several of the girls... I am also the Club President and donate my time for that as well. The nearest club President by us makes 100K for the work I do for free. I am not saying this to show I am above it, quite the opposite. I am saying it to show I truly believe in what we are doing.

Here is the link and thanks again

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