My last thoughts in regard to Vn Veeshan boards

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My last thoughts in regard to Vn Veeshan boards

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It's time to let it go guys, what's done is done.

We had a lot of fun, and it doesn't have too stop, and although it's not in the same place, the community can continue.

I'm asking as a favor if nothing else, no more fighting the moderators, no more posting of foul language, let it be, no more positive nor negative can become of what is, there is no need nor point.

I too have been tempted to just break loose, to go down in a blazing ball of foul language that would make a sailor proud. But it's not worth it, VN boards still offers some things that are erstwhile, and who knows as people move games, you may want to try one of the other server boards, I begrudge them not, order came from on high, and it was followed, much like any other big company.

2 years ago, TheMachine account was created for this sole purpose, the first post was in the black and green, and I was to hope that last would have been as well, it didn't happen, but I digress. I came in knowing I was in for a long haul, to try to bring balance as best I saw it. And as I see, most of you guys, the really important people in my mind, the posters, seem to have agreed with me. I didn't come in to make friends, to have you all kiss my ass or anything, I was ready for a fight, and man, when I started, I got one.

But I didn't want to destroy the board, nor did anyone else, I came in and did what I was requested to do, as so did the other moderators. My actions differed, and the results were better, I won't say what I've done all along was right by everyones eyes, they were right by mine. And I will not be saying sorry, because I'm not sorry, but I would really like to see either civil posts or no posts on VN boards please, Aarum is a really good guy, trust me in all my dealings he has been fair and even handed, even in my de-mod'ing. ... =124.topic

Use that to look, add posts here if you care too.
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I agree
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Re: My last thoughts in regard to Vn Veeshan boards

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