George Hots' thoughts about living in a simulation

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George Hots' thoughts about living in a simulation

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George Hotz (GEOHOT)

I searched for threads I've discussed this guy before but I'm guessing they've been lost like so many other threads. I picked this forum because I can actually embed a youtube video which is still restricted in most of the forums here.

I've admired/respected this guys talent as a hacker/jailbreaker for a long time. He was the first to create a software jailbreak of the Iphone's IOS and amazingly followed that up by jailbreaking Sony's PS3. As a hacker/jailbreaker, that's god level/legendary.

His early years would make an outstanding movie IMO but nowadays he doesn't even talk about the jailbreaks that made him famous. He's presently running a company that makes automated driving car software/hardware and has managed to do well for himself.

In general, he's an intelligent guy that has a little knowledge in multiple areas and thinks outside the box on a lot of things.

The linked SXSW 60 minute talk is pretty off the wall. It was given a few years back in 2019. He gives us his take on the theory that we're living in a simulation. To add oddness to his speech, the mic noise cancelling completely cuts out the crowd so if they were laughing at his jokes, you can't hear it. I don't think he cared either way.

After much thought over the past year or so, I'm pretty convinced we live in a simulation. I have extensive thoughts about it but won't give my ideas on the topic, maybe later but his are interesting and thought provoking and I don't want to cloud them with my own. He's a little quirky. This is a good listen if you give him a little time to get going in the beginning. It's not meant to be taken as gospel (which is kind of funny once you hear his idea for a new church) but should make you at least think about some possibilities that don't fall neatly into either the religious/atheist ether/or choice.

If someone actually watches it, I'll follow up with my own thoughts about our "universe" being a simulation. Religious explanations and pre-big bang (after big bang, after big bang, after big bang) science based explanations are both pretty nutty so there's a lot of room for discussion.
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