Quite possibly the worst music video I've seen

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Quite possibly the worst music video I've seen

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The song is actually good. I feel really bad for the band. They had a horrible video producer for this song! The lead singer has no idea what to do with himself.

On a side note, one of my friends in high school asked me to go to this concert. I think it was 1983. They sucked live : ) They were pretty much as stiff as you see them in this video the whole concert. I also think it's the only concert in high school that I didn't get high at.

Runner up for worst video. #1 for career ending video.

I actually liked several of Billy Squier's songs in the 80's (Emotion in Motion, Everybody Wants You, Lonely is the Night, The Stoke, My Kind of Lover) but this video did him in. I'm not even sure if he's gay, but it didn't matter. You couldn't make this kind of video in the 80's unless your name was Freddie Mercury!
I like when he rips off his shirt then puts on a gayer one
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