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Planet Coaster

Post by Winnow »

Picked this up a week ago and it's a blast. If you enjoy sim building games, this one should be top on your list.

Better than the Roller Coaster Tycoon series by far.

Into/trailer movie:

You can be extremely creative while building and managing theme parks.

And if you want to spend less time building or using the rides, scenery, etc that come with the game, there's already 41,000+ player build rides, buildings, scenery etc you can download into your game very easily on steam: (and it's only been out a couple weeks)

You can also download entire complete parks. There's over 4,000 of those.

You can ride the coasters and rides first person. Managing your park is more fun than tedious and you can pause the park while you build if you want.

Here's an example of what one person did using the in game park designing tools:

That doesn't even have the rides in it yet but gives and example of how customized you can make a park. What's really cool is that entire park is less than 15mb in size to download, just one of 4K+ parks people have dreamed up.

Here's a video review of the game:

If you get tired of the 40,000 and growing things already available and end up making something you like, it's super easy to upload it into the Steam Workshop for others to use in their parks. The attention to detail and being able to rider your riders in 1st person make this a keeper.

Career mode is a great way to learn how to build and develop a park.

Here's a video of someone screwing around crashing a coaster into a crowd of people:
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