Marvel Midnight Suns

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Marvel Midnight Suns

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If you like games like X-COM this game is like the next generation of that (made by same company).

It's sort of a X-COM but with upgradable and earnable cards with skills that you're dealt while dealing with various campaigns/missions.

The game is well animated and looks great. There is a ridiculous amount of well performed voice acted dialog and cut scenes in the game but you can choose to speed through it if don't want to listen to part of it.

You run around during day and night cycles in an open world doing various things and then once a day you do a main campaign or side mission then go sleep to start the cycle again.

Even on normal difficulty this game is challenging and there are two levels above that. You can puss out and do the "story mode" level if needed.

I'd highly recommend this game for fans of X-Com games and especially for Marvel fans as there are quite a few characters and so much character building.

Most of the heroes have multiple legitimate/viable builds depending on what you include in their decks.

There aren't any must use heroes although Dr Strange is the closest thing to that as a support class. I built up Magik first because using her portals in combat is fun. The way the side missions and campaign missions work, you end up having to take all the heroes at some point. In order to get legendary outfits and cards for the heroes, you need to max out their friendship, your main character (Hunter) can also lean Light or Dark or Balanced which impacts the cards they use Dark more damage, Light more healing type.

Nothing is timed. You can take as long as you want to do things.
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