MMORPGs and Mobile

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MMORPGs and Mobile

Post by Winnow »

I keep an eye on MMORPGs being developed in Asia and, disturbingly, many of the future releases are mobile.

Blade and Soul II: Mobile
Aion Tempest: Mobile
Lineage II M: Mobile

There are more but the money is in mobile now. Graphics on the new iPhone 8/X are extremely impressive (for mobile) but MMORPGs just aren't meant for mobile play IMO.

It's been discussed before, but IMO, mobile games played are typically games that can be played in short bursts. MMORPGs are more marathon type games where you settle in for a long stretch of gaming.

As for some of the PC games coming out, they're moving more toward action RPGs

Lost Ark and the new NcSoft game Project TL are examples of this:

Looks like games this forum was founded for are destined only for the classic dumpster pile like classic Warcraft that was recently announced. The days of naked corpse recovery runs are gone.
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