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Currenty Playing

Post by Winnow »

There have been threads like this in the past. Post what you're currently playing and maybe if you like it or not etc.

Current games:

Overwatch: Ongoing

Incredibly high quality and fun game. The games are a nice 15 min or less length. Fun when you win or even when you lose sometimes. Great design, extremely balanced yet super diverse set of heroes, and awesome lore along with seasonal events, oddball arcade mode games that come and go to earn loot boxed. Zero pay to win, satisfying games and cosmetic rewards. Hated Blizzard for years but this game can't be denied.

The Elder Scrolls: Legends: Ongoing

Card games are super popular these days. Hearthstone is the giant in the room. Gwent (Witcher) is skyrocketing in popularity, Dota is coming out with their own card game. Smite has their own card game in Beta. I've tried all the one available and TESL is my favorite. Nice rewards. Very high production values but "adult" looking boards as opposed to the more cartooney Hearthstone +Hearthstone knock offs. TESL is probably the least RNG to win of the card games. You need to think on building your deck and how you play your cards. There are some low budget decks (low gem crafting value) that you can make immediately after going though the story/tutorial. The game is generous with giving cards. No need to spend tons of cash (like Hearthstone). The game is true free to play. In fact, their card packs aren't worth buying. I want to give this game more money beyond the intro packs and extended story mode but I can't. It's too easy to earn free cards and the dust (destroy a card to gain gems to craft other cards you need) is too high to buy packs and dust them. I would have dumped buckets of money into this game because I'm impatient to get my hands on certain legendary cards but the pay model didn't allow it so now I have them all for free. Anyway, if you have any interest at all in card games, this is one to give a try.

Soul Worker: MMORPG'ish Anime cell shaded style game.

VPN and figuring out Japanese characters for captcha's are required at the moment for this game but it's coming to the west in the next month or so. Just starting this one up. Not a true open world MMO but very cool stylized look to it with fast action. May post more about it if it turns out ok.

Fornite: Bought it, played it an hour or two. That was it. Not necessarily a bad game, just not my cup of tea (at least for now).

X-Com 2: Bought it. Have only played a little bit of it. I like turn based tactics strategy games so will get around to it eventually.

On Horizon:

Interested in a fee Asian games, Lost Ark Online and Moonlight Blade, but will wait until they come West.

Interested in playing Sea of Thieves, Beyond Good and Evil 2, Anthem and probably Crackdown 2 when they show up.
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