Forza Horizon 3

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Forza Horizon 3

Post by Animalor »

I'm a bit surprised that there wasn't a thread about this but FH3 was high on my list of favorite games last year.

It was a great game (I still think that FH2 edged it out slightly due to landscape variety). It's a Play Anywhere title so you can seamlessly pick up on Windows 10 and it works great.

The reason that I'm bring it up now is that earlier this week they released the Hot Wheels expansion and they have put together something incredibly cool. The tracks and layout are amazing and incredibly fun to play.

Here's a few videos I captured using the Windows 10 Game capture tool and uploaded to OneDrive:!AiwxCMMR9816ldcUCGkxd1Tby3TMjQ!AiwxCMMR9816ldcUCGkxd1Tby3TMjQ

...and yes, you can stop at the top of a loop and fall straight down. No achievement for it though..
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