14 Day Trial

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Way too much time!
Way too much time!
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14 Day Trial

Post by Morgrym »

Free to register. Not a bad deal if you are looking for a 14 day fix or were ever wondering what the game is like.

*edit* Yeah, I know there is a post like this below me. However, it is for another date and I figured it was expired. *edit*
Good vs. Evil Free Trial Offer
Monday, October 2, 2006
We are pleased to work with MMORPG.com to present the first-ever 14-day free trial for the newly released City of Heroes Good Versus Evil Edition.

NOTE: These free trials do not include the special in-game items that are included in the full version of the City of Heroes Good Versus Evil game.

From now until the end of October, MMORPG.com members will be able to obtain a free trial code at their offer page.

Click here to read the details.

MMORPG.com is also giving away free copies of the Good Versus Evil Edition DVD. You must be a member of their site to enter, but registration is free. The DVD giveaway details are here
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