Updated list of emotes for CoV

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Updated list of emotes for CoV

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So far I've had a fun time in CoV. It's refreshing to see all the character appearance options and emotes in this game compared to the reverse direction EQ took when they made all armor basically the same with different colors.

They do need to add a /bite emote though!


afraid - Cower in fear.
angry - Fists on hips and slouches forward, as if glaring or grumbling, holds stance.
assumepositionwall – getting frisked
atease - Stands in the 'at ease' military position(legs spread out slightly, hands behind back)
attack - Gives a charge! type point, fists on hips stance
batsmash - Hit someone with a bat.
batsmashreact - React to getting hit with a bat.
bigwave(overhere) - Waves over the head, fists on hips stance
boombox - Summons forth a boombox (it just appears) and leans over to turn it on, stands up and does a sort of dance(boombox plays music(several different, short songs)) (SOUND)
bow - Chinese/Japanese style bow, holds bow stance
bowdown - Another bow.
burp - A raunchy belch, wipes mouth with arm afterwards, ape-like stance (SOUND)
buzzoff/goaway - Makes a go away gesture.
cheer - randomly does one of 3 cheers, 1 fist raised, 2 fists raised or 2 fists lowered, repeats
clap - claps hands several times, crossed arms stance (SOUND)
coin - Flips a coin, randomly displays heads or tails
cower - Cower in fear.
crossarms - Crosses arms, stance(sliiiiiightly different than most other crossed arm stances)
curseyou/noooo (that's 4 o's...) - Shaking fist.
dance - randomly does one of a few dances, for the sake of my sanity, I won't bother trying to describe them.
dice - picks up, shakes and rolls a die, randomly displays the results(1-6), default stance
disagree - shakes head, crosses hand in front, then offers an alternative, crossed arms stance
drat - Raises fists up, then down, stomping at the same time, same ending stance as frustrated
drumdance - Tuatha Drum dance.
evillaugh - Extremely melodramatic, overacted evil laugh
fancybow - A much more elegant, ball-room style bow, falls into neutral forward facing stance
fear - Cower in fear.
flashlight - Look around with a flashlight out
flex1 - fists raised, flexing arms stance
flex2(flex) - a side-stance flexing arms
flex3 - another side-stance, flexing arms
frustrated - Raises both fists and leans backwards, shaking fists and head, leads into a quick-breathing angry-looking stance
goaway/buzzoff - shoo! Begone, pest!
grief - Falls to knees, hands on forehead, looks up and gestures a sort of "why me?" look with hands, goes into a sort of depressed slump while on knees, holds stance
hand/talktohand - Hold hand out. Talk to the hand gesture.
handsup - 2 stances with hands up, standing and kneeling.
hi(wave) - simple greeting wave, fists on hips stance
holdtorch - produce burning torch and hold out
huh(shrug) - raises hands and cocks head in a classical "What?"/"I don't know" look, neutral
jumpingjacks - does jumping jacks (SOUND)
kneel - Quickly kneels(errm, if you wanna call it that) on both knees with hands on thighs(looks insanely incomfortable), holds stance
laptop - Summon a laptop and a tall, thin table to sit it on, and start typing
laugh - fists on hips, tosses head back and laughs
laugh2/laughtoo - Another laugh
lecture - Waves/shakes hands in different motions in a lengthy lecture, fists on hips stance
ledgesit - Sit with legs over the edge of whatever you're standing on. Instant leg amputation if you're standing on the ground. 2-postures.
martialarts/kata - Warm up/practice punches and blocks (SOUND)
militarysalute - Stands in the military-style heads-high hand on forehead salute stance
monologue - ??? does this work? Conflicting reports. Simliar to Lecture.
muahahaha - Evil Laugh
newspaper - Materializes a newspaper(don't ask) and reads it.
no - shakes head and waves hands in front of character, crossed arms stance
nod - Fists on hips, nod affirmatively, hold stance
panhandle - begs.
peerin - Make hand binoculars and look
point - Extends left arm and points in direction char is facing
protest - Hold hold up one of several randomly selected mostly unreadable protest signs
research - Pull out book and begin consulting it while making gestures in the air with other
roar - Claws air, roaring, ape-like stance (SOUND)
rock/paper/scissors - plays rock/paper/scissors, picking your choice(displays RPS for about 6-seconds, then displays your choice)
salute - A hand-on-forehead salute, fists on hips stance
scared - Cower in fear.
score1 to score10 - Holds a black on white scorecard up, ranging from 1-10 as specified, holds
shucks - Swings fist and head dejectedly, neutral forward facing stance(not the default stance, same as huh/shrug)
sit - Sits down, legs forward, with knees bent, elbows on knees, and slightly slumped over,
slap - Slap someone.
slapreact - React to getting slapped
slash/slashthroat - Slashing motion across throat
smack - Backhand slap
stop(raisehand) - Raises your right hand above your head, stance(use in tangent with attack, ie: "s Wait for my signal to attack$$e stop" & "s Attack!$$e attack")
surrender - 2 stances with hands up, standing and kneeling.
tarzan - Beats chest and howls, angry-looking stance (SOUND)
taunt1 - Taunts, beckoning with one hand, then slaps fist into palm, repeating stance (SOUND)
taunt2(taunt) - Taunts, beckoning with both hands, combat stance (SOUND)
thanks(thankyou) - gestures with hand, neutral forward facing stance **NOTE** current build on live will do bow for thanks(thankyou doesn't exist yet)
thewave - Does the wave(I assume you know what this is...), neutral facing forward stance
threathand/smackyou - Threaten to Smack someone.
victory - Raises hands excitedly, and then again less excitedly, and then a third time almost non-chalantly, falls into neutral forward facing stance
walllean - Casual wall lean. 2 postures.
wavefist - Waves fist, hoots and then claps(its a cheer), crossed arms stance (SOUND)
welcome - Open arms welcomely, fists on hips stance
whistle - Whistles(sounds like a police whistle), ready-stance. (SOUND)
winner - Fist in fist cheer, right, and then left, neutral forward facing stance, but apparently
yatayata - make blah blah blah gesture with hand, look bored... "is he STILL talking?"]
yes(thumbsup) - Big(literally) thumbs up and an affirmative nod, fists on hips stance
yoga - Sits down cross legged with hands on knees/legs, holds stance
yourewelcome - bows head and gestures with hand, neutral forward facing stance.