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Insane amount of online storage

Posted: January 16, 2014, 1:39 am
by Winnow
There are three chinese cloud storage services that offer some crazy amounts or online storage.

I'm currently checking these out:


Yunio: 1 TB + 1GB/day up to 2 TB

This is the only one of the three that has an english app : )


Weiyun (Tencent) 10 TB

I posted about this one awhile back. It offers 10 TB with 32GB max file size uploads.


360 Qihoo 36 TB

This service offers crazy storage space at 36 TB total. 10 TB for installing the PC app and 26 TB for installing the iphone/android app.


This link shows you how to get the storage space for each as well as some comments about each service: ... cloud.html

Skeptical? Me too! I went right for the mega 36 TB Qihoo to try it out. I also picked up the 10 TB Tencent service.

I followed the instructions and ended up with 36 TB of cloud storage.

Cloud storage of that size is worthless if the bandwidth is slow. I uploaded a zipped TV show that was about 800MB in size. I picked a Los Angeles VPN IP and started uploading. It absolutely maxed my upload bandwidth the entire upload. I was getting 20-25 Mbps the entire transfer. Only service that comes remotely close to that is google drive. Download wasn't as good. It varied between 7-20 Mbps down. VPN choice may have a lot to do with that.


Sharing the file was simple. Click share, generates URL. downloader doesn't have to log in to retrieve the file.

What prompted me to check these out is that is offering 50 GB to anyone installing their app on an iphone. The catch? Max file size is What a joke. These chinese services are offering 10+ TB and max file sizes from 4GB to 32 GB.

None of these services asked for more than an email address and password.

For non sensitive files, these appear to be solid choices for TV shows, movies or whatever other kind of files you might be sharing with friends, etc.

No one needs this kind of storage. 36 TB is more than double what I have locally...but the max file sizes and ease of sharing is way better than the measly storage and file sizes the U.S. services currently offer. Drop Boxes 2 GB looks absolutely ridiculous and's 250mb max file size is just as weak.

It's apparent that we'll be able to easily store mass amounts of data for free in the cloud.

I'll be playing around with the three cloud storage services mentioned in this article and will post again down the road as to which one seems like the best. For those that don't want to deal with chinese menus, Yunio is probably the best choice. Don't bother with security comments about china. Your data is probably safer there than on google drive or skydrive. English based apps are also in the works for the ones that don't have them yet. The PC app for 36TB 360 Qihoo is nice. Hope that one gets an english version soon. Nice full screen image browser.

My love for is gone. I've been using google drive due to the speed but 15GB space has me constantly managing files. If one of these chinese services pans out, I won't be needing to delete files every week.

Re: Insane amount of online storage

Posted: January 16, 2014, 11:14 pm
by Winnow
A lot of this may depend on VPN choice, but I've found 360 (Qihoo) to be the best of the three Chinese cloud storage services so far. It also happens to be the one that offers the 36 TB.

360 seems to give away storage space like it's nothing. You can play some sort of table game each day and win more space. So far I've increased my storage by 50 GB, 100 GB, 50 GB and 50 GB. I've got 36.65 TB. It's safe to assume you've pretty much got unlimited storage as just the .65 TB is more than I'll need most likely.

It's easy to share a folder. Right click and select the share link and it creates a URL:

That's a folder of images. Double click an image and you go into image view mode and can navigate with mouse wheel, arrow keys or click the left or right side of the screen to go forward/back.

You can download the entire folder of images by selecting it and then clicking the button with the arrow down icon and it will zip them and prompt you to download. You can download single images as well. Inside the folder, select the images you want and it will just zip the selected ones. Nice basic features.

Looks like you can embed images I think: (testing)
The link is pretty long though.

Upload speeds for me are maxed. Still testing out download speeds with others.

I was rooting around some links in the Qihoo 360 forums using a web translator and there are mass collections of all sorts of crap. games, music, tv shows, etc. It's all in chinese so it's not very useful at the moment for finding anything but I saw entire libraries of psp games, etc. All you need to do is right click something you see on another 360 cloud drive and you can move it right over to your own drive. So, for example, if you wanted to grab those three hundred PsP roms, you select the folder and move it to your drive and then you can download them at your leisure and if the files on the other cloud site are deleted, they stay on your drive. You could move a collection of 300 GB of music to your own drive in a matter or a minute or two. Same with entire TV series, etc if you happened to find them on 360's cloud servers. Could be useful.

You can stream music and movies from your PC app. Using the iPhone/iPad/Android apps, you have access to all of your files, it can filter by pictures, music, videos, files and also you can navigate your folders as they are stored on the cloud service. It looks like it downloads an mp3 when you want to play it instead of streaming it. Image browsing is nice but I don't think it will be able to handle massive amounts of images but good if you have images separated into folders.

Probably worth grabbing the 36 TB even if you don't feel like using it. Just takes any email address and a password and then downloading the apps (+26 TB for ipone/android and +10 TB for PC app. One note, I didn't get 26 TB for installing the iphone app but it gave it to me for the Android. Instructions are in the link in the first post if you decide to do it.


You can add some more GB's by clicking the link above after making an account.


Scroll down and click the red button. You can click it twice. Most likely you'll get rewarded with 100 GB or 50 GB of additional space each time but you might hit 1TB, 10TB or 100TB. No clue how'd you'd collect on the hardware if you won it. It would suck for some Chinese person if you won the Macbook Air!

Really looking forward to these getting english apps. 360 Qihoo looks to have some nice features. I've figured out uploading/downloading and sharing. That's all you really need to know for the most part. Yunio has an english app and actually has a very slick interface. I didn't have much speed success with uploading to it but I've only tried the the west coast US VPN so far. I might revisit Yunio later.

Mostly my only reason for the mass storage is for sharing TV shows not on Netflix and some movies. It could give you access to all of your music although that's not as big a deal as it was in the past with Spotify type services. Good for stuff that's not on them though!

Edit: Max single file upload size is 10 GB.

Re: Insane amount of online storage

Posted: January 17, 2014, 10:49 am
by Winnow
Bah! 360 Qihoo won't allow downloads of files larger than 1 GB unless you use the PC client. Since the typical files I upload are about 1.2-1.5 GB that kinda puts a damper on things.

Google Drive remains the best solution for three key areas: upload speed. download speed and large file size without download restrictions.

I'll probably use 360 Qihoo for my own use to offload some things like 259 episodes of Married with Children (for example) to free up some space. Stuff that can be easily recovered elsewhere if lost but possibly be a pain to reacquire. I'm holding out for cheaper large capacity SSD storage.

I tried Tencent again (10 TB) and got steady 5 Mbps up and 10 Mbps down but others didn't get as fast a download so since most people don't have the ability to switch using VPN to increase bandwidth depending on the source, Google Drive is still the best bet save for the skimpy 15 GB of space. I know a lot of people can't upload faster than 5 Mbps anyway so Tencent may be a decent option depending on download speeds.

I'm hoping some U.S. based cloud storage services step up and improve their services. Competition is on the horizon. I know Tencent is planning to move some of their servers stateside. If they shore up their bandwidth issues, they'll be an easy choice alternative to the pitiful GBs and file sizes offered by Google, Skydrive, Dropbox, etc. I want to move away from Google if possible. Dropbox is still the best for small files and easy UI. I use them to link most embedded images I post on this forum.

Re: Insane amount of online storage

Posted: January 17, 2014, 11:31 am
by Aabidano

I use dropbox as a sharing point for things I don't care about the privacy of and for a tertiary backup w/ trucrypt encrypted files, can't really see a need otherwise?

Re: Insane amount of online storage

Posted: January 17, 2014, 11:50 am
by Winnow
Aabidano wrote:Why?

I use dropbox as a sharing point for things I don't care about the privacy of and for a tertiary backup w/ trucrypt encrypted files, can't really see a need otherwise?
For dropbox it's the small amount of storage space that hurts it for my purposes. I've never paid attention to transfer rates because the files I use on it are so small. For small files it's great. Even with taking advantage of various storage increase offers for uploading photos, etc, I only have like 6.5 GB of space. I'd have to test the transfer rates but if they are good, Dropbox would be great if they offered more space. More space, fast up/down transfer rates = google drive win for larger files.

Re: Insane amount of online storage

Posted: January 21, 2014, 10:08 pm
by Winnow
I played around more with these services over the weekend. I added 2 TB Baidu to Yunio 2 TB, Tencent 10 TB and 360 Qihoo which I now have up to 41.44 TB of storage space and growing at about 150 GB a day.

Thankfully 360 Qihoo remains the fastest service for me. It uploads at a steady 20-25 Mbps and downloads at even faster rates than that typically.

I've uploaded about 36 GB (will upload 14 GB more tonight) to 360 and it's been rock solid using the PC app. It uses 10 upload streams when you have more than one file uploading in an attempt to max your available bandwidth. So I've used 36GB out of my 41,440 GB. With around 1000 comics uploaded so far, no issues. Also uploaded a few large 1G+ TV shows without errors/corruption.

You can play the prize wheel and earn more storage space. Every day you can spin the wheel twice (three times if you blog about it which I do to some chinese blog and have no idea what I'm saying on it.). Minimum you win is 50GB which you win three times giving you 150 GB every day. So 360 gives you 10 times the max free storage you get on Google every day just for the hell of it. Today though I won another 1 TB of space. You can win 10 TB and 100 TB as well on the rare occasion. I think the max TB you can have is 150 TB.

So what's the deal with all of these TBs? It's an insane amount. I did find out that you are limited to 700,000 files on 360 Qihoo so that is what will effectively limit what you can store. If you are uploading something like individual pictures, it would become a factor. But even 1-2 GB movie/tv files, it's unlikely you'll upload more than 350,000 to 700,000 of them.

One cool thing you can do with these services it stream movies. I found Lost Boys on someone's 360 movie drive. Selected it and moved it over to my network drive which enabled me to stream the movie. Picture quality was HD and playback was solid the entire movie. That's not always the case though with the servers being in china. Need more time to experiment with it.

With this massive amount of storage, there are massive collections out there. Most are Chinese and hard to figure out but some like iTunes ACC and FLAC collections are easy. with a couple clicks, you can transfer over a TB of flac music files to your own network disk. As soon as I finish uploading my comic collection, If I share it with another person that has a 360 Qihoo account, They could have my huge collection in seconds and be able to "stream" those comics to their iPad using the 360 Qihoo App for iphone or android and then open the file in Comic Zeal or Comic Glass, Goodreader, etc to read it. I could also make it a share group with multiple people having access or make it public with anyone having access. For example, I could make a VV comic group with a simple password placed in the comics forum to avoid mass downloads from the public. Doubtful Qihoo would shut it down as their main site has share links to masses of pirated material but it could happen if one of the comic companies figured out how to complain in Chinese I suppose so best to be a little conservative with the link.

I believe how Qihoo gets away with a lot of this storage is that when I start transferring files from someone elses drive, I'm most likely getting linked to the original file...but if that original file is deleted by the original owner, it wouldn't be deleted off the server as I had made a copy. In this way, 1000 people that grab the latest hot 1 GB movie from the server doesn't waste 1 TB of space. As soon as that file is modified, then another copy would be made. I'm speculating here but that's my guess but otherwise there's no way 1 TB of files gets transferred in seconds.


That's what I won today. 1 TB!


My current storage limit

With any of the 4 Chinese cloud storage services you're going to get at least 2 TB of storage which is assloads more than the American companies offer with 5 GB and 15 GB being the norm.

While I like 360 Qihoo the most over all, the 4 services each have some strengths. Baidu, for example, creates thumbs for your movies which makes them a little more pleasing to look at as you browse your files, especially since you can stream them. Yunzio lets you download files larger than 1 GB directly from the Web while Tencent allows you to upload large files directly from the web. Overall though, using a PC client is advisable with larger files. Baidu has a promotion going where you also spin some sort of slot thingy with minimum of 100 GB storage awarded. Install their app on your iphone/android and you get 5 more spins, taking you up to at least 2.6 TB of space right off the bat.

I get 400 GB of bandwidth a month from Cox for the "Ultimate" tier I pay 99/month for. I'm going to upload 100-200 GB of files a month to Qihoo, mostly comics and see how it goes. As a personal net drive, I'm highly impressed with its speed both uploading and downloading.

One thing I've gotten very familiar with is google and bing translate sites. Can cut and paste or translate most sites. What gets you are the buttons with words that can't be translated since they're images.

I was able to translate some of the 360 Qihoo language file:

Code: Select all

Text_Main_Dialog_Title = Craploads of Space 360 Qihoo
Text_Btn_Feedback = Problem feedback
Text_Btn_Net_Disk_Title = All Files
Text_Btn_Net_Group_Title = Share Groups
Text_Btn_Share_Title = Mysterious
Text_Btn_NetNote_Title = Recent
Text_Btn_Photo_View_Title = All the pictures
Text_Btn_Function_Title = Options
Text_Btn_Safebox_Title = Document safes
Text_Btn_FeedBack_Title = Problem feedback

Text_Main_Sub_Menu_Accout_Setting = Account details
Text_Main_Sub_Menu_Get_More_SpaceE = Upgrade space
Text_Main_Sub_Menu_Invite_Other = Invite Other
Text_Main_Sub_Menu_Exit = Exit(&E)
Text_Main_Sub_Menu_Logout = Logout
Text_Main_Sub_Menu_Logout2 = Logout2(&A)
Text_Main_Sub_Menu_Daily_Task = Daily Task
Text_Main_Sub_Menu_Modify_Password = Modify Password

Text_Main_Sub_Menu_Show_Setting = Settings(&S)...
Text_Main_Sub_Menu_Help = Help(&O)
Text_Main_Sub_Menu_Forum = Forum
Text_Main_Sub_Menu_Privacy = Privacy
Text_Main_Sub_Menu_Contact_Us = Contact Us(&F)
Text_Main_Sub_Menu_Show_Main = Show Main(&O)
Text_Main_Sub_Menu_Hide_Main = Hide Mail(&M)
Text_Main_Sub_Menu_Show_Suspension = Suspend(&X)
Text_Main_Sub_Menu_Hide_Suspension = Hide Suspend(&X)
Text_Main_Sub_Menu_Sync_Pause = Sync Pause
Text_Main_Sub_Menu_Sync_Resume = Resume
Text_Main_Sub_Menu_Sync_Show_Detail = Details(&D)
Text_Main_Sub_Menu_History = History(&V)
Text_Main_Sub_Menu_Poweroff = Power Off(&T)
Text_Main_Sub_Menu_Home_Page = Home Page(&W)
Text_Main_Sub_Menu_Pause_Sync = Pause Sync(&P)
Text_Main_Sub_Menu_Resume_Sync = Resume Sync(&R)
Text_Main_Sub_Menu_Connect = Connect(&R)
Text_Main_Sub_Menu_About_US = About Us(&A)
Text_Main_Sub_Menu_Login = Login...
Text_Main_Sub_Menu_Lock = Lock(&L)
Text_Main_Sub_Menu_UnLock = Unlock(&L)
Text_Main_Sub_Menu_Test_Speed = Test Speed(&C)

Text_NetDisk_Tree_MyDisk_Title = MyDisk
Text_NetDisk_Tree_Doc_Title = Doc
Text_NetDisk_Tree_Pic_Title = Pic
Text_NetDisk_Tree_Music_Title = Music
Text_NetDisk_Tree_Video_Title = Video
Text_NetDisk_Tree_Depot_Title = Depot
Text_NetDisk_Tree_Recycle_Title = Recycle

Text_NetDisk_Btn_More_Info_Title = More Info

Text_NetDisk_Stc_Object_Count = Object Count %s 项
Text_NetDisk_Stc_Selected_Object_Count = Selected Object Count %s 项

Text_NetDisk_Stc_File_Size = File Size:%s
Text_NetDisk_Stc_Modify_Time = Modify TIme:%s
Text_NetDisk_Stc_Sync_Time = Sync Time:%s
Text_NetDisk_Stc_Delete_Time = Delete Time:%s
Text_NetDisk_Stc_Version_Info = Version Info

Text_NetDisk_Stc_Not_Need_Sync_Info = Not Need Sync
Text_NetDisk_Stc_Remainder_File_Count = Remaining File Count %s 个文件需要传输
Text_NetDisk_Stc_Remainder_Time = Remaining Time:%s
Text_NetDisk_Stc_Sync_End_Info = Sync End
Text_NetDisk_Stc_Sync_End_Time = Sync End:%s

Text_NetDisk_Edit_Search = Search

Text_NetDisk_Sub_Menu_Open_Folder = Open Folder
Text_NetDisk_Sub_Menu_Add_Class = Add
Text_NetDisk_Sub_Menu_Delete_Class = Delete
Text_NetDisk_Sub_Menu_Rename_Class = Rename
Text_NetDisk_Sub_Menu_Add_Space = Add Space
Text_NetDisk_Sub_Menu_Change_Site= Change Site
Text_NetDisk_Sub_Menu_Sync_Option = Sync...
Text_NetDisk_Sub_Menu_Show_Deleted_Files = Show Deleted Files
Text_NetDisk_Sub_Menu_Hide_Deleted_Files = Hide Deleted Files
Text_NetDisk_Sub_Menu_Class_Attribute = Attribute
Text_NetDisk_Sub_Menu_Empty_Recycle = Recycle
Text_NetDisk_Sub_Menu_Show_List = Show List
Text_NetDisk_Sub_Menu_Show_Icon_48 = Show Icon 48
Text_NetDisk_Sub_Menu_Show_Icon_96 = Show Icon 96
Text_NetDisk_Sub_Menu_Show_Icon_256 = Show Icon 256
Text_NetDisk_Btn_Show_Type_Btn_Tip = Tip

Text_Share_Sub_Menu_Open_Folder = Open
Text_Share_Sub_Menu_Disband_Sharing_Group = Dispand Group
Text_Share_Sub_Menu_InviteTo_Sharing_Group = Invite to Group
Text_Share_Sub_Menu_Leaving_Sharing_Group = Leave Group
Text_Share_Sub_Menu_KickOut_Member = Kick Member
Text_Share_Sub_Menu_Create_Sharing_Group = Create Group
Text_Share_Sub_Menu_Join_Sharing_Group = Join Group

Text_Sharing_Stc_Title = Title
Text_Sharing_Stc_Title_Info1 = 360360 sharing can easily cloud can help you and your friends or family to share your documents
Text_Sharing_Stc_Title_Info2 = Apply to Join Others
Text_Sharing_Stc_Title_Info3 = Start Collaboration and Share it.

Text_Sharing_Stc_Right_Question1 = Benefits of Sharing
Text_Sharing_Stc_Right_Answer1 = You can easily share files with friends.

Text_Sharing_Stc_Right_Question2 = What's group sharing?
Text_Sharing_Stc_Right_Answer2 = Group Members can share, Group Owners can modify.

Text_Setting_Stc_Title= Title
Text_Setting_Btn_OK = OK
Text_Setting_Btn_Cancel = Cancel
Text_Setting_Normal_Option_Title = Option
Text_Setting_Normal_Group_StartUp_Title = Group Title
Text_Setting_Normal_Chk_Auto_Startup = Auto Startup 360云盘 (推荐)
Text_Setting_Normal_Chk_Auto_Login = Auto Login

Text_Setting_Normal_Group_Other_Titile = Group Other Title
Text_Setting_Normal_Chk_Show_Tip_On_Synced = Show Tip on Sync
Text_Setting_Normal_Chk_Suspension_Show = Suspension
Text_Setting_Normal_Stc_Suspension_Alpha = Suspension Alpha

Text_Setting_Network_Option_Title = Option
Text_Setting_Network_Group_Trans_Titile = Group Trans Title
Text_Setting_Network_Chk_Trans_Not_Limit = Trans No Limit
Text_Setting_Network_Chk_Trans_Limit = Limit

Text_Setting_Network_Stc_Download_Limit = Download Limit
Text_Setting_Network_Stc_Upload_Limit = Upload Limit
Text_Setting_Network_Stc_Unit_Name = KB/s

Text_Setting_Other_Option_Title = Option
Text_Setting_Other_Group_Foder_Site_Titile = Group Folder Size
Text_Setting_Other_Stc_Folder_Site = Folder Size

Text_Setting_Safe_Option_Title = Safe
Text_Setting_Safe_Group_Lock_Titile = Safe Group Lock
Text_Setting_Safe_Stc_Lock_Info_Pre = Lock Info:
Text_Setting_Safe_Stc_Lock_Info_End = ←Lock Info end
Text_Setting_Safe_Stc_Lock_Info_Error = Lock Info Error

Text_Setting_Safe_Chk_Auto_Lock = Safe Auto Lock
Text_Setting_Safe_Btn_Auto_Lock = Safe Auto Lock

Text_Setting_Safe_Group_SSL_Titile = Safe Group SSL
Text_Setting_Safe_Chk_Encrypt_SSL = Encrypt SSL (安全性更高,但会降低速度)
Text_Setting_Safe_Btn_Encrypt_SSL_Detail = Encrypt Detail?

Text_Setting_Other_Group_User_Privacy_Titile = Group User Privacy
Text_Setting_Other_Chk_Clear_Cache_Alway = Clear Cache (退出时自动清除本地缓存文件)
Text_Setting_Other_Chk_Join_Us = Join Us“360用户体验改善计划”

Text_SyncOption_Stc_Title= SyncOption
Text_SyncOption_Stc_Select_NetDisk = Select Netdisk
Text_SyncOption_Stc_Select_Folder = Select Folder
Text_SyncOption_Chk_Not_Sync_Ext = Not Sync (用逗号分割)
Text_SyncOption_Btn_OK = OK
Text_SyncOption_Btn_Cancel = Cancel

Text_Histoty_Sub_Menu_Refresh = Refresh
Text_Histoty_Sub_Menu_Recent_Week = Week
Text_Histoty_Sub_Menu_Recent_Month = Month

Text_LoginDlg_Private = Private
Text_LoginDlg_Userule = Userule
Text_LoginDlg_Faq = Faq
Text_LoginDlg_About = About(&A)
Text_LoginChild_Register_Login = Register Login >>
Text_Login360Dlg_Forget_Pwd = Forgot Password
Text_Login360Dlg_Free_Register = Free Register >>
Text_Captchadlg_Change = Change
If you try out the service, you can replace the text in yiour language.ini file with that to see some english although there's still a ton of Chinese. Really though, after a little trial and error you'll be rolling along as fast as if you're using an english cloud side.

I wanted the extra 1 TB you get for installing the antivirus software (tip: don't do it on your actual PC) so installed it on a virtual box drive over windows 7 I had. While the PC client is tame for the cloud sharing, I wouldn't let the antivirus stuff anywhere near your PC. Best to skip that altogether unless you have a virtual OS you can spare.

Bandwidth speeds are getting faster, not slower so even if some of these services are slow now for you people on the east coast, it might be worth using an email address to grab some of them as the streaming options will be more useful in the future. English clients are in the works but I'm wondering if they cut back on the space before introducing them. I know Tencent at least is planning US servers and Yunio is owned by an American in China.

If nothing else, this is has been an eye opening adventure into China's top search companies and cloud storage providers.

Depending on your needs, one of these services might be useful to you. Right now, using the PC client, transferring files, both up/down is as fast for me using 360 Qihoo as any U.S. service except that I get 40,000 GB+ instead of 5-15GB of storage. It's definitely enough space to store large collections on. 10 GB individual file sizes also dwarf most U.S. service limits and would be useless anyway with the micro storage sizes. One 10GB file would take up 66% of your Google drive (shared with your email) and wouldn't even fit on drop box while it only takes up 0.04% of space or less over on 360. Still testing and playing around with these services.

Re: Insane amount of online storage

Posted: January 30, 2014, 10:45 pm
by Winnow
Easy way to use the 360 services is just use google and auto translate the web pages.

I'm still highly impressed with the speed of the 360 service. I'm also currently up to 45 TB of space (averaging 300-450 GB of added space a day)

So, things I've found really cool with this service and reasons I may actually use up a lot of those terabytes.

1. Fast Uploads (file matching)

When you upload something. If it finds it in it's massive database, it uploads instantly. This happens most often with TV shows, movies, etc. I use the service primarily to upload TV shows and movies for private access. Today I uploaded three new TV shows just release within the last 24 hours and they were already uploaded somewhere else on 360's massive cloud so they just popped right up to my cloud space.

I'm still maintaining 25 Mbps upload speed when I do need to upload and 25-45 Mbps download speeds from the service.

2. Sharing Groups

I created a share group to send files to be accessed by others. You get 100 GB space when creating the shared group which goes up to 460 GB with one other person joining the group, and increases from there up into the Terabytes.

It's just about instantaneous to transfer files from your cloud to the share group and for someone else to move them to their own cloud storage. As an example, I moved a movie folder that included every Oscar winning movie from the past 85 years (about 90 GB) and it just popped right over to the share group and then over to the other person's group when they selected the files for downloading.

3. Public massive sharing groups

I found a share group that has 51 Terabytes of american movies and TV shows. Many of the movies and TV series are untouched HD versions of the shows. Some have hard coded chinese subtitles but most have .srt files for subtitles, leaving the original video untouched.

Here's a few examples of what I downloaded in seconds to my cloud. All three seasons of Game of Thrones. 17 Seasons of South Park, Seven Seasons of Seinfeld, All of Rome season 1, 2, Babylon 5 (5 seasons), 6 seasons of Hercules (because why not!), Entourage seasons 1-8, Office 9 seasons, etc etc. Sure you can get these elsewhere, but not this fast.

There are ass loads of 2.5-6 GB high quality HD movies.

4. Streaming

So, you say, who cares? Well I do! You can stream these movies and TV shows once you have them in your cloud. Using the PC app, all you need to do is double click a Movie, TV show, etc and it will stream from the cloud. I've had success with files ~2-3GB in size and under. Huge 6-8 GB movies don't stream too well. You can download anything to your HD if you wish but for TV shows etc, you may as well just stream them ala Chinaflix. Of course you can stream music as well, and pictures if you want. There's iOS/Android apps so you can access all of this from your portable devices. Regarding streaming, I have a feeling most of you may not have as much success as I've has with streaming but it's worth a shot.

What I find the most fascinating and maybe useful is that these massive storage groups have old TV shows as well that you won't find on Netflix. With the massive amount of storage given by 360, there's no debating if a corny show like Hercules is worth downloading 50GB of files. Space and time considerations are taken out of the equation. Right click, download to cloud...done!


Above is a sample of a few movies I grabbed and their files sizes. All high quality.


Sample of the Oscar Movie folder I grabbed. Smaller file sizes but stream better and definitely watchable.


Sample of some TV series I grabbed and their folder file sizes. No way I download 133 GB of Big Bang Episodes but moving to my cloud in a second? Sure!

China has better/easier access to American TV shows than we do. If you can't find your favorite TV show on Netflix (any HBO/Showtime series for example) you'll most likely find all seasons of any popular TV show over the past few decades on that 51 TB share folder or some other of many shared folders on the 360 Cloud.

I don't want to get away from the point that this 360 mega TB cloud service has been stupendous for storing my comics, etc, but I thought the easy access to TV and Movies was worth mentioning since you can't store TB's of files anywhere else. Tencent, a competing Chinese cloud storage service gives 10 TB of storage and also has it's own massive sites of shared TV/Movies, Emulators (want 60 GB of PsP games in seconds? China cloud is for you), games, etc that can be streamed and stored on it's own cloud. Google translates the 360 site very well making it easy to navigate.

Re: Insane amount of online storage

Posted: February 3, 2014, 8:27 pm
by Winnow
I've added about 14 TB of storage since signing up for the initial 36 TB on yunpan 360 cloud storage for a total of ~50 TB. 36 TB should be plenty for anyone but it's kind of addicting to click buttons, spin lotto wheels etc and win more space. The least you can get is 300 GB a day if you go to the trouble of creating a chinese blog account. Every day I dutifully click the button to post how happy I am to have won an additional 50GB, 100gB, 360GB, 1 TB etc which gives me an extra spin on the wheel'o'win. I post a share link for a file I uploaded to the blog for another 2 spins, uploading a file to your cloud gives you another spin, and sharing a file with the group I created gives another spin. Six total spins at 50GB minimum a spin. These things don't last forever so figure I'd add space while they're around.

Anyway, I watched Fast and Furious 6 in glorious HD streamed from China last night. The movie was a laugher (laughed at it) but looked and sounded outstanding. The streaming part of this is what really adds to the benefit of having so much space. Streaming will improve, not get worse over time. I found you need to wait a min and allow the stream to rebuffer sometimes. If issues remain, then I can always just download the show using the PC App at a typical 30-35 Mbps download rate. The best use besides assloads of TV shows, documentaries and movies is for my Comics which I now have access to anywhere I go via the 360 iOS app. I also like to read New Scientist Magazine but am backlogged on those so I have those posted up in the cloud as well. I've got about 1 TB on my cloud drive so far but most of that are movies/tv transferred from within the cloud from other share groups.

On a side note. Figuring out some of the little things can be challenging. Basic functions are easy to use. The best forum for help I could find was a Russian discussion about the service so it's kind of fun translating Russian which is trying to translate Chinese to figure out what to do.

I picked up all the Adams Family episodes the other day.


Oh yeah!
They're creepy and they're kooky,
Mysterious and spooky,
They're all together ooky,
The Addams Family.

Re: Insane amount of online storage

Posted: February 8, 2014, 3:03 pm
by Winnow
Seems the Chinese are blocking Chrome's auto translate unless you use a Chinese VPN. That kind of makes things more difficult for most. I switched to a Chinese VPN (easy to do using Astrill) and am fine again. Oddly that VPN is one of the fastest for surfing in general so not bad. The most beneficial use of the huge storage space using yunpan 360 is transferring over entire TV series runs, movies, documentaries, etc. That's much more difficult if you can't read the forums to find the share holders and read the folder names that hold those files.

I'm impressed with what's already stored on their servers. I'm uploading offbeat comic series titles and surprisingly many of them are already stored somewhere on their networks as they insta upload. Shame there's no search feature as you'd have access to assloads of media files. On the flip side, even if your file is private, 360 still matches it and uploads it to someones else's cloud folder if they attempt to upload the same file. Since this is just multimedia, that's a good thing but it also means the service scans everything which potentially could make easy mass purging of media the strict Chinese government deems unfit for consumption at a later date. Treat 360 yunpan like an extension of Netflix that gives you access to movies, TV, etc and you'll be fine...or make sure you download what you want to keep just in case the nutty Chinese government takes a turn for the worse.

Re: Insane amount of online storage

Posted: February 9, 2014, 10:46 pm
by Winnow
I wasn't able to find Xena Warrior Princess on the Chinese 360 cloud. In a fit of entitled leecher rage I downloaded all six seasons of Xena off the newsgroups, as well as all six volumes of Xena music Soundtracks by Joseph LoDuca (actually they are really good) and plan to contribute to the great cloud of China by uploading all six seasons. I even have the chinese .srr subtitle files.

I now have a combined 240 episodes of Hercules and Xena episodes as well as 5 made for TV movies. ieeieieieieieeeeeee! (that's the Xena war cry)

Of note, the music sountracks are great. Joseph LoDuca also has done the soundtrack for a few other shows including,
Curse of Chucky (2013) (Video)
The Wicked (2013) (Video)
Spartacus: War of the Damned (2013) (TV series)
Spartacus: Vengeance (2012) (TV series)
Spartacus: Gods of the Arena (2011) (TV series)
Spartacus: Blood and Sand (2010) (TV series)
Patagonia (2010) (Film)
Messengers 2: The Scarecrow (2009) (Video)
The Burrowers (2008) (Film)
Boogeyman 3 (2008) (Video)
Leverage (2008-2011) (TV series)
Legend of the Seeker (2008-2009) (TV series)
The Librarian (2004-2008) (Telefilm series)
The Staircase Murders (2007) (TV Movie)
Boogeyman 2 (2007) (Film)
The Messengers (2007) (Film)
My Name Is Bruce (2007) (Film)
The Triangle (2005) (TV Mini-Series)
The Prophecy: Forsaken (2005) (Video)
The Prophecy: Uprising (2005) (Video)
Devour (2005) (Video)
Man with the Screaming Brain (2005) (Film)
Alien Apocalypse (2005) (TV Movie)
Boogeyman (2005) (Film)
The Triangle (2005) (TV Miniseries)
Saint Ange (House of Voices) (2004) (Film)
He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (2002 TV series)
Brotherhood of the Wolf (Le Pacte Des Loups) (2001) (Film)
Cleopatra 2525 (2000) (TV series)
Jack of All Trades (2000) (TV series)
Young Hercules (1998-1999) (TV series)
Hercules and Xena - The Animated Movie: The Battle for Mount Olympus (1998) (Video)
Running Time (1997) (Film)
American Gothic (1995) (TV series)
Xena: Warrior Princess (1995–2001) (TV series)
Hercules: The Legendary Journeys (1994–2000) (TV series)
Army of Darkness (1992) aka Evil Dead 3
Thou Shalt Not Kill... Except (1987) (Film)
Evil Dead II (1987) (Film)
The Evil Dead (1982) (Film) (as Joe LoDuca)
Maybe part of why Spartacus was so good was because this guy was doing the score! ... id63344691

Re: Insane amount of online storage

Posted: February 20, 2014, 11:39 pm
by Aabidano
Played with skydrive a bit after I saw the Android client.

Not sure what I'm doing wrong, that fact that I can do something wrong with what should be so simple a service doesn't look good. Should just be a matter of install, log in in and it works, like dropbox, etc.. do.

Re: Insane amount of online storage

Posted: February 21, 2014, 12:07 am
by Winnow
Aabidano wrote:Played with skydrive a bit after I saw the Android client.

Not sure what I'm doing wrong, that fact that I can do something wrong with what should be so simple a service doesn't look good. Should just be a matter of install, log in in and it works, like dropbox, etc.. do.
Skydrive seems ok for linking videos (used it for linking vids from Xbox One game captures) but it's nowhere near as friendly as Dropbox for images and linking of files. Skydrive might be getting more friendly with the "One Drive" name change overhaul in a month.

Google Drive is the best U.S. alternative to Drop Box IMO. at least you get 15 GB and it's fast.

On another note, 360 cloud stopped the lotto that was giving me ~350 GB/day more cloud space. I found some other search game that gave me 2 TB chunks of space 3 out of 4 days until they stopped that so I ended up with 62.1 Terabytes (62,100 GB) of cloud storage. Weeeee. It will keep going up but a lot slower than it has been. Works great. I just uploaded 5 TV shows tonight to my chinese cloud. I've used a little over a terabyte of cloud space out of my 62 so far. I think you can still get 36 TB using the instructions earlier in this thread.

Kind of sad when 4 separate Chinese cloud companies give 2 TB or more space (with 2 GB or larger size sizes limits, with one as large as 32GB file sizes) and U.S. companies think 15 GB is a lot with some limiting file sizes to 100MB...huh?). The Chinese cloud services are better in some ways as well offering streaming video, better integrated image browsing, etc. I know Tencent (offers 10 TB of free space) is preparing to invade the U.S. with U.S. based servers which should keep transfers speedy. If nothing else, I hope it wakes up a few of the western cloud storage services to offer a little better space and file sizes. Your data is probably just as secure on the chinese servers...meaning not secure at all NSA/China, same difference except China won't come knocking on your door unless you're in China.

Re: Insane amount of online storage

Posted: February 21, 2014, 9:44 am
by Aabidano
Or the two are profiting in different ways, looking for different things.

The Chinese just want your data to sift through, any data. While the US companies want something they can market & not get slammed with DCMA-type lawsuits.

Re: Insane amount of online storage

Posted: March 13, 2014, 2:55 pm
by Winnow
Google slashes Google Drive storage pricing, offers 1TB for $9.99

Google is cutting the monthly cost of extra storage for Google Drive today. Users always receive 15GB for free, but they can now jump up to 100GB for $1.99, down from the previous price of $4.99. Perhaps the most appealing option is the 1TB tier, which has fallen from $49.99 each month all the way down to $9.99.

Any storage you buy for Google Drive also goes towards other Google services including Gmail and Google+ Photos. So for less than $10, you can reserve enough space to back up your entire mobile photo library and then some. Or, using Google's own example, choosing the terabyte option would allow you "to take a selfie twice a day for the next 200 years and still have room left over." If you somehow need more than that, tiers offering 10TB and up start at $99. Google is undercutting Dropbox significantly with the move; 100GB of Dropbox storage runs $9.99 per month, while 500GB is priced at $49.99.
Now that's a nice cut in pricing. Thanks China!

Re: Insane amount of online storage

Posted: December 17, 2014, 2:50 am
by Winnow
I still use 360 Cloud and have 64+ TB of storage space there. I don't seek out more storage giveaways like I used to but can still add from around 500mb-1.5GB each day from random prize. You can still start off with 36TB pretty easy as a new account by installing 360 on iPhone, Android and PC or I think 10 TB if you don't install it (not sure why you wouldn't but 10 TB if you use web interface only)

Now that Apple has opened up iOS so you can pretty much import files from any cloud storage, I've found 360 to get extremely great for my comic collection. I have access to my entire collection from wherever I am on my 6+ or iPad Air. Streaming videos from the chinese server is still hit and miss due to size but comics are small enough files that it's easy to download whatever issue or issues I feel like reading while mobile. Same would be true for music as well but I'm not into keeping music collections. the (Chinese only) iOS app has built in ability to play movies and music and PDFs and is easy enough to use even with the text in Chinese.

It's free and so far excellent for smaller files (magazines, comics, music) for mobile use and great for storing larger movie/tv etc files for home use and backup. I've only used a little over a TB of space but that's till 9.99/month I don't have to pay google/microsoft etc. to maintain 1TB (and now that I've got more than 1TB on there it would be even more).

Upload speeds still rock out at 20Mbps and downloads can be all the way up into the 100Mbp depending on what VPN country/state I'm using.